Friday, January 20, 2012

Hordes of the Things!

Last night, my son and I stopped by the local game store to watch some games of Warmachine. My friend Bob told me about it on Sunday and I wanted to see how the system played. It's an interesting setting and system, but I don't plan to get involved.
However, after the first round of games was finished, they brought out the HOTT armies. I estimate that I have played over 1000 games of DBA or HOTT in the past. I haven't played either for years. Brady and I played a game and my son beat me in his very first game of HOTT. I'm looking for my old figures and will post more on this entertaining rule set.
It's fun to show up and then not only play a game, but teach it to the youth.


  1. Sounds like fun!! I've never played HOTT before!

    1. There's a free download of the rules on the WRG site. Each army has about 12 bases and a game takes 30 minutes or so. If you have ancients, medievals, fantasy, or renaissance, figures in 15mm, you can use them.

  2. Wonderful you can game with your son!

  3. We have to hand things on to the next generation........

  4. It's funny about gaming and my children. My daughter was forced to tour countless ACW battlefields when she was a child. My oldest son is a gamer. He games with my group often, but won't paint figures. My younger son won't game, but when I've been in a crunch and needed help painting figures for a convention game, he has pitched in and helped. Probably half of my Napoleonic British army was painted by him.