Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The town of Toulouse, my fourth game at Origins 2009. The rules were Volley and Bayonet; Road to Glory. This was a smaller battle than Vittoria. The French setup in Toulouse and on the Heights of Calvinet. The Heights are the key to the French position.
The French occupying the Heights. I treated this as a level 2 hill with field works. The road leading off of the Heights goes to Toulouse.

The British move to attack the Heights. The British attack tried to attack the Heights all along it's perimeter.
The attack on the Heights. It failed.
The British right flank attempted to storm the city walls. These attacks were also unsuccessful.
This game ended in a French victory.

Monday, December 28, 2009


The third game I ran at Origins 2009 was Vittoria. It was a four player, five hour game, in 15mm with Volley and Bayonet, Road to Glory.

The British objectives, the town of Vittoria and the French baggage train next to it. The French were deployed in three lines in front of Vittoria and screening forces guarding the bridge that British General Graham's command must cross to attack.
The first French line. The Britsih advanced to 2" and started a 4 turn firefight. It was the largest, longest firefight I have seen in a V&B game.

While the first French line was engaged, the British attempted to slip past the right end of the French line. The french used reserves to plug the gap. One of the things that very much appeals to me about Volley and Bayonet isthe fact that movement is large enough to allow players to keep and commit reserves.
The British flanking attack thwarted! Graham crossed the river and supported by dahlhouse, attempted to breakthrough to Vittoria. The French counterattacked, pinned the british to the river and annihilated the left wing of the British army.
The British were unable to break or flank the French line.

This is a large, fun game.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Guilford Court House

The second game I ran at Origins 2009 was Guilford Court House; a four player, three hour game.

Looking at the American position from the British point of view.

The British advance. They will shake out their line to attack the Americans all along their first line, with a slight overlap on the British left.
The Americans decided to bring their entire army forward to the first line for a stand there.

The British lost every melee except one. After tow hours of play, they conceded.
I have run this game twelve times. I recommend it as a well balanced, fun game. It doesn't take alot of troops or table.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fuentes de Onoro

I ran this game last Summer at Origins. This is from behind the French lines at the start. The French attack hit the British line and was stopped.

This was the French high water mark, just south of Fuentes de Onoro.

The end of the game. The French have been unable to break the British line. I've run this game twice and the French have lost both times.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Liebertwolkwitz Game

We refought Liebertwolkwitz this weekend using Volley and Bayonet, Road to Glory. There were four French players and five Allied players. I added "what-if" commands so everyone could keep busy.
The set up was historical with the added commands coming on as reinforcements. The Austrians, on the Allied Right, advanced on turn one. Most of the French cavalry moved behind the lines to the French Left. On turn three, the Austrians advanced to long range and opened fire. In their turn the Fench charged. By the end of the game, the entire Austrian Corps had collasped, leaving the remaing three French cavalry brigades to face a second Allied line of cavalry and Russian infantry. A lot of action on this flank.
On the Allied Left, the Prussians try to push against the VIII Corps and are stopped in their tracks by the Poles. How historical!
There are three small Russian Corps pushing against the French Center. They are commanded by two players and there is no coordination between them. The Russians take Liebertwolkwitz and the French are unable to throw them out. The Russians briefly hold about half of the original French Center before the French reserves throw them back and re-establish the line.
A fun game. The second edition of Volley and Bayonet is a keeper.