Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Front Royal

I started playing Johnny Reb in the mid '80's. I have probably played close to 200 games of this system, but only a few games since the turn of the century. Since I plan to attend Johnny Con in a couple of weeks, I needed to play a game to refresh my memory of the rules.
My friend Ted had never played Johnny Reb, so I invited him over so we could play a small learning game.
I setup the Front Royal scenario from the original version of the rules. Three Union regiments and one secion of artillery vs. two small brigades of Rebs. The Union troops are protecting the two bridges over the Shenandoah River, (I need to build some bridges!) If they cannot protect the bridges, they should burn them.

The terrain and Union setup at the start of the game.

On turn one, the Rebs march on.
The Louisiana Tigers are here and there is a scenario rule that forces them to roll a d6 each turn to see if a train enters the board. If it does, the Tigers will immediately charge the train and plunder it.

The small Union battalion moves toward the second bridge to cover it; or burn it.

On turn two, as the Rebs continue to advance, the front most US unit disengages. The small Union battalion continues to move toward the bridge.

Turn three, Reb Artillery on First Fire.

The lead Rebel unit comes out of march column and forms on my right flank. I move my unit that disengaged, and is still in disorder, toward the threatening unit. I fire at it and miss!

The 6th VA Cavalry rides on and heads for the northern bridge, (the one the small US battalion is trying to reach.)

On turn four the Tigers charge. They catch the disordered unit forming; never a good thing for the defender. The first US unit routs. The Tigers threw a large charge move bonus, so they hit the second US unit and routed it as well. Both Union units were now routed and within the range of the Tigers charge move. They both picked up.

Here is the situation after the initial routs of my two units.

The Tigers were now positioned perfectly to pounce on any unsuspecting trains to enter the table.

On the other end of the table the 6th Va charged the small 8 figure battalion. Again my opponent rolled very high for his charge movement bonus. I rolled pitiful for my defensive fire; no casualties. My last infantry unit routed and was hit again as it tried to escape.

A quick game and a new player introduced to Johnny Reb. We'll play this one again.