Saturday, June 29, 2013

First Krasnoi Scenario

The battlefield at Krasnoi, August, 1812

Everything is set up and Brady, Jerry and I will begin playing this in an hour or so. The table is simple; it's half of a ping pong table, 4.5'x5'. Krasnoi is two wooden town blocks sitting on the only road on the table. It sits two feet from the Russian edge of the table. There are hills on either side of Krasnoi that run to the table edge. The woods to the right rear of the town are considered forest. The two wheat fields are "standing crops."

The Russian 27th Division deploys on the two hills and in Krasnoi. The Russian 7th Corps enters on Turn 3, one foot to either side of the road.

The French 10th Infantry Division enters on Turn 1 centered on the road at the French table edge. Grouchy's command enters to the left of the 10th, and Nansouty enters to the right of the infantry.
Montbrun enters on Turn 3 to the left of the road, as if following Grouchy.

The game begins at 6AM+1d6 hours and ends at 8PM.

The side that controls Krasnoi at the end of the game is the winner.

This battle occurs in August, 1812, just a few days before the Battle of Smolensk. There will be another battle at Krasnoi in November, during the French retreat. This is the leading elements of the French army, attempting to maintain contact with and engage the retreating Russians. The 27th Division is the rear guard of the Russian army.

The cemetery on the left hand hill has no effect on combat or movement; it is on the table in all my games.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BUGS! A Sci Fi/Horror AAR

We recently playtested one of the games my friend, Jim, ran at Origins. This is a Sci Fi/Horror game involving giant ants and spiders; remember the movie "Them?"

The sleepy town of Tumbleweed Corner has been invaded by giant bugs! The inhabitants have sought refuge on the roofs of the buildings; surely they'll be safe there...

The game began with the National Guard driving onboard. Each player was allowed to choose two vehicles and a squad of 6 soldiers. Their mission was to rescue the civilians. The bugs were trying to drag humans underground to heir lair.

A major traffic jam.

Each turn the bug players could either roll a d6 for the number of giant ants emerging from the earth, or choose a random "Big Bug"

The Giant Scorpion climbs atop a building

Ants chew on a tank

It was great fun. Since it was a playtest, the victory conditions were not set; since I played on the bug team, I think we won!
I haven't heard yet how the Origins game was received, but I'm confident everyone there enjoyed it as well

Friday, June 7, 2013

First Krasny OB

I was recently on the Miniature Wargames site and saw a link to an OB for the 1st Battle of Krasni. I was aware of the Battle at Krasni during Napoleon's retreat from Moscow, but was unaware that an earlier fight had occurred when the French army was moving the other direction. The OB is attributed to John Walsh and I have adapted it for Volley and Bayonet.
I'm still working out the map and scenario details, but here is the OB. 
From what I can learn, which isn't much, Neverovsky was the rear guard as the Russians withdrew to Smolensk. Murat attempted to overwhelm him, but did not. Part of Ney's infantry was engaged as well. The Russian 7th Corps was in supporting distance, but did not fight. The French Heavy Cavalry was in supporting distance, but did not become engaged either.
In this scenario, all of the troops listed below will be involved.

2nd Army of the West
27thDivision          Neverovsky       EX  OOOOOOOOOO/OOOOOOOOOOOO
Simbirskii Infantry Regiment   M5   [ ][ ][ ][ ]
Poltavskii Infantry Regiment   M5    [ ][ ][ ][ ]
Combined Grenadier Bns   M6   [ ][ ]
41st Jagers M5 [ ]  SK
49th Jagers M5 [ ]  SK
50th Jagers M5 [ ]  SK
Kharkovskii Dragoons  M5 [ ][ ]  Med
1st Cossack  M4 [ ]
2nd Cossack M4 [ ]
3rd Cossack  M4 [ ]
4th Cossack  M4  [ ]
27th Div Field Battery M5   [ ][ ]   Field 

7th Corps      Raevsky
7th Corps Hvy Battery M6  Heavy
7th Corps Field Battery M6  Field
 Elizabethgrad Hussars M5  [ ][ ][ ]
26th Division   Paskevitch    EX  OOOOO/OOOOO
1st Bde  M5  [ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ]  DG
 2nd Bed M5  [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]  DG

12th Division   Vasilchikov       EX  OOOOOO/OOOOOO
 1st Bde M5  [ ][ ][ ][ ]  DG
2nd Bde M5 [ ][ ][ ][ ]  DG
3rd Bde M5  [ ][ ][ ][ ]  DG


Grouchy              EX    OOOOOOOOO/OOOOOOOOO
Horse Arty  M6 [ ][ ]  Field
8th Chasseurs a ChevalM5 [ ][ ][ ] DG
1st Bavarian ChevauxlegersM5 [ ][ ][ ]
9thLight Cavalry Bde M5 [ ][ ][ ] Lt    Hussars
14th Light Cavalry Brigade M5 [ ][ ][ ]  Lt       Lancers
1st Light Cavalry Brigade  M5 [ ][ ]  Lt    Chasseurs
2nd Light Cavalry Brigade  M5 [ ][ ]  Lt   Chaseurs

Nansouty    EX  OOOO/OOO
7th Hussars M5 [ ][ ][ ] Lt
9th ChevaulegerM5 [ ][ ] Lt
Combined Prussian Hussars M5 [ ][ ] Lt

3rd Corps    Ney
10th Division  Ledru    EX  OOOOOOOOOO/OOOOOOOOOO
III Corps Horse Arty  M6  [ ][ ]
Genoult’s Brigade M5 [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]  DG
Morion’s Brigade M5  [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]  DG
Bruny's Brigade  M5  [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]  DG
7th DragoonsDG  M5 [ ][ ][ ]  Med

8th Cuirassier  M5  [ ][ ][ ]  Hvy  DG
5th Cuirassier  M5   [ ][ ]
1st Carabinier M6  [ ][ ][ ] Hvy  DG
3rd Cuirassier  M5   [ ][ ][ ] 
6th Cuirassier M5  [ ][ ][ ]
Horse Arty  M6  [ ][ ]   Field 
Horse Arty  M6  [ ][ ]   Field