Friday, July 26, 2013

A Free Figure in the Mail

Received my figure from the Grossbeeren1813 blog today. Very nice miniature; nice casting, no flash, very good detail. 
It was fun to get something like this in the mail. 
I'll have to consider a give away myself. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wargames LLC Order Arrives

I was recently on the Wargames LLC site and saw that their Essex stock was all 50% off. Seemed like a good deal to me, so I ordered some packs; mainly mounted command packs, but I also picked up some French Guard artillery crew and some Russian Guard infantry.

Good service from this company. Ten days from placing the order until delivery.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

First Krasnoi AAR

Dutch Hussars await the order to advance
Jerry, Brady and I played First Krasnoi this past weekend. Brady and I were French and Jerry commanded the Russians. It was a very close affair, and we agreed to play this scenario again.
Jerry brought his camera so the pictures are high quality.

Russian Hussars

My favorite miniatures rules

Initial Russian Deployment

The French march on

The forest near Krasnoi

The Russian Right, occupying the hill next to Krasnoi
Cossacks move to support the Russian left
There are special restrictions placed on Cossacks in Volley and Bayonet. They may only attack disordered or routed units from the flank or rear.
Russian Jagers in Krasnoi
The French moved up and began attacking as soon as possible. Their first attacks were defeated and three French cavalry units wound up either Disordered or Routed. Jerry sent his Cossacks in pursuit. Only one of them could contact the closest unit, a routed French Hussars brigade. It routed and picked up in the Morale Phase; thus triggering Cavalry Breakthrough. When a cavalry unit charges and it's target routs or picks up, it has three choices:
Take a free facing change and stay in place
Move back to it's original position
Charge again if it can contact a different target. The charger will become permanently disordered if it does so. Jerry chose to charge again. He contacted a second French cavalry unit in disorder and routed it, causing it to lose it's last strength point. And triggered the second and final cavalry breakthrough movement, which also resulted in a French cavalry unit routing off the table.
Poof, three French cavalry brigades disappeared. They would be missed...

French Cavalry advance through the standing crops

Nansouty's Division prepares to attack the Russian left

The French attack goes in

The French Center, Compans' 10th Division

French attack on the Russian right

The bold Cossacks at the end of their charge

French advance from the Russian perspective

French attack up the hill

The French have cleared the hill in front of the forest
The French were able to force back the Russian left. The Russian launched a counter attack here when their reinforcements arrived. The French were able to throw the Russians out of Krasnoi, but were unable to hold it. The last four turns of the game saw desperate French attacks thrown back by Russian counter attacks. 

Montbrun's French Cuirassiers move to the attack

The final French attack on the Russian right is stopped by artillery

Russian Jagers advance at the end of the game

The last French attack is thrown back
A fun game with good friends. I heartily recommend this scenario.