Monday, May 20, 2013

Registered for GenCon and a Giveaway!

Late lunch today; time for a post before heading back to work.

I have my bedge for GenCon, 86 days until the convention. I have registered for three games so far, Napoleonics, WW II, and ACW. The Bolt Action games are filling fast. I'm looking at the Leviathon and Battletech games as well.

TamsinP at Wargaming Girl is having a great giveaway; miniatures of every type, WW II, ECW, fantasy, ancients. Head over there and have a look.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

VE Day Parade

For the last couple of years we have used Jeff or Richard's miniatures for our WW II games. Mine haven't been out of their boxes for awhile so I thought I would pull a few out for a parade.
Happy VE Day; it's also my wife's birthday. Happy Birthday, Liz, and it's 41 days since I quit smoking.