Saturday, June 29, 2013

First Krasnoi Scenario

The battlefield at Krasnoi, August, 1812

Everything is set up and Brady, Jerry and I will begin playing this in an hour or so. The table is simple; it's half of a ping pong table, 4.5'x5'. Krasnoi is two wooden town blocks sitting on the only road on the table. It sits two feet from the Russian edge of the table. There are hills on either side of Krasnoi that run to the table edge. The woods to the right rear of the town are considered forest. The two wheat fields are "standing crops."

The Russian 27th Division deploys on the two hills and in Krasnoi. The Russian 7th Corps enters on Turn 3, one foot to either side of the road.

The French 10th Infantry Division enters on Turn 1 centered on the road at the French table edge. Grouchy's command enters to the left of the 10th, and Nansouty enters to the right of the infantry.
Montbrun enters on Turn 3 to the left of the road, as if following Grouchy.

The game begins at 6AM+1d6 hours and ends at 8PM.

The side that controls Krasnoi at the end of the game is the winner.

This battle occurs in August, 1812, just a few days before the Battle of Smolensk. There will be another battle at Krasnoi in November, during the French retreat. This is the leading elements of the French army, attempting to maintain contact with and engage the retreating Russians. The 27th Division is the rear guard of the Russian army.

The cemetery on the left hand hill has no effect on combat or movement; it is on the table in all my games.



  1. Clever idea to use the ping-pong table. I hope you have a good game and that the dice gods favour you!

  2. Give'm a dose of hot lead, Mike!

  3. It was a fun game, I'll post the report and pictures in a day or two.