Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy, Issue 58

My wife gave me a subscription to Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy for Christmas. I asked for the digital version and received my first issue, number 58, within a few days of the order. This is a great issue. The theme is the 1809 war between the french and Austrians. What great timing, I'm painting Austrians!
The cover has a small diorama of Austrians marching through the mud. I plan to use the painting techniques from one of the articles to do a base of Austrians ro Volley and Bayonet crossing a muddy field.
There are also rules for Napoleonic skirmish level play, including a scenario, and a set of rules where each stand is a brigade. There i a scenario and OB for Aspern-Essling. A review of Napoleonic rules and miniatures round out the 1809 portion of this issue.:

There's also an article for gaming the defense of the hospital at Rorke's Drift, including instructionss to build a hospital model. It's one of those periods I have been able to avoid up to this point. After reading the article, I'm tempted.

Figure reviews, book reviews, columns, as i said before, it's a good issue. It's also a good value about $20 for a one year, six issue, digital subscription.


  1. What an excellent pressie!! It's a great magazine, one of my favourites!

  2. I subscribed old school hard copies. Great mag.

  3. All the best for 2012 Mike

  4. Can't wait to see what you put together next.

  5. If you need further advice on how to do the muddying your figs, feel free to ask on my blog. My original (and quite babbling) article had to be cut back a fair bit, so some explanations were abbreviated.

  6. Thanks for the offer. You have a great blog; I'm following.