Monday, October 20, 2014

X Wing AAR: Chasing the Corvette

Yesterday we played a game of X Wing. Six players, the scenario was an Empire attack on a damaged corvette. The bigger, capital ships look great on the table. I was an Imperial player and one of my Advanced Tie's was piloted by Darth Vader. As luck would have it, my son, Brady, was a Rebel and he had the Millennium Falcon with Luke Skywalker as a crew.
This is a fun system. I had four fighters and used two to engage the escorts while the other two fired at the corvette. We had to bring it down before it could cross the table.
Richard had Boba Fett, flying for the Empire. He made a run on the corvette, flew past it and them the corvette swung to the left and smashed into his ship, destroying it. I stayed behind the corvette, now at a safer distance, pouring shots into it. I finally delivered the final hit to the corvette by ramming it with a Tie Fighter. The Rebels had destroyed all but three of our fighters and thus earned a slight victory. Father and son did not square off this time. Next time Brady/Luke will learn to fear the Dark Side.


  1. Great pics Mike.

    I've played a little of this and one of our group has made some great asteroids.

    I still say the Millenium Falcon model is too big doesn't exactly 'glide' through the asteroids...and looks much smaller in the movies.

    1. We had the exact same discussion about the Falcon. It looks good with a Tie Fighter next to it...

  2. Sci-Fi gaming's not really my cup-o-tea, BUT I wouldn't mind having a go at this! Great looking game Mike!!

  3. Haven't played these, but everyone who does seems to enjoy them!

  4. I'm lucky that Bob and Big Mike have such large collections. Nothing for me to buy for this.

  5. Great to see the spaceships of Star Wars in scale! Love it!


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