Saturday, October 11, 2014

Battle of Mirkwood AAR

I played my first game of Lord of the Rings miniatures today. I'm not sure how I have avoided these rules for this long, but I'm glad I finally played a game.
My doctor invited me to a game with his gaming group.
My command was a warband of Wargs, with a Warg chieftain. The other commands on our side were a group of Wargs and giant spiders led by a mage, and a cave Drake.
We face two Elvish warbands and an Ent. Our plan was to hit their right flank hard and then turn on their left. Our movement allowed us to hit them first and off we went.

Our plan worked well and we killed half of the enemy force before we lost a figure. By the end of the game we had reduced them to 25% and either fully or partially controlled all VP locations.

It's a nice clean system and I hope to play more of it in the future.

My warband moves to the attack

Beasts of Mirkwood led by the Drake

Closing in on the Ent supported by Elves

Our Drake turns their flank

One of my Wargs guards one of the VP locations, marked by a Hobbit

Dog pile onto the Elvish cavalry

The final round of combar


  1. I love The Lord of the Rings rules set: so simple, elegant and - above all - fun. Are you going to put together your own force?

    1. I'm hoping they release some sort of Boxed Battle of the Five Armies set; maybe.

  2. Looks great Mike. Is this the old GW set from a few years ago, or is there another set out?

    Great pics

    1. It was the original rules released about the time the first LotR movie. A newer version has been released along with the Hobbit movies, but they decided to use the older rules for a teaching game.

  3. Glad you had a fun (and attractive) game. Another wargaming physician, eh? There are a few of us, but not too many!

  4. Great fun, Mike. Good to see you running with the giant hounds!

  5. Great report and pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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