Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Orleans Play Test

My friend, Jim and I have been working on our New Orleans project as part of the Indiana University Lilly Library's War of 1812 Open House. We had our first play test game this afternoon. Jim and I played the US and Troy and Brady commanded the British.
We used the battalion scale version of Volley and Bayonet. I painted one unit, built the model of the Macarty House, Jackson's HQ, and created the OB; Jim created the terrain board, and painted almost all of the figures.
The game was actually close. The British crossed the American line once and almost created a three unit wide breach further down the position. The dice were in our favor and we held the line. It is definitely a tough fight for the British, but winnable.
We will run this game at Advance the Colors next Friday and then again the next Friday at the Lilly Library. Don't be surprised if you see it at Origins and GenCon next year.

The American Line, looking toward the advancing British

Another view of the American Line

Keane advances at the bottom and Gibbs at the top

The British advanced the rockets and 9 pounders and unlimbered in close range on turn 2

The first British assualt

The 5th West Indian Rgt forces it's way through the American line

The American line broken!

Gibb's first wave thrown back in confusion

The Americans counter attack and restore their line

Lambert's Bde, the British reserve, goes in

Last of the British are thrown back.


  1. Looks and sounds great! Hope the game goes well at the shows.


  2. Great pics, that's some defensive works! I wouldn't fancy attacking that!