Sunday, March 16, 2014

Warhammer Wild West AAR

Several years ago I gave my son, Brady, the Warhammer Wild West rules as a gift. We didn't do anything with them until recently. A week ago, Brady, his friend, Michael, and I played a couple of learning games. Today we played it at our Clob. There were two 8 player games. Each took about two hours to play. 
These are the typical Warhammer style rules; roll to hit, roll to wound. Quick, simple, and fun.
In the second game, we squared off, fathers vs. sons. We older gentlemen won; barely.

Big Mike has three sets of the Cow Town play set. The size is perfect for 28mm.


  1. Always great to see father - son gaming!

  2. Nice setup. Wishing you lots of fun with the son on the hot dry streets of Brady Ville.

  3. That looks like it would have a great game. Brought back memories of playing "Shoot the Sheriff" with my son many years ago. Though that was in 54mm!

  4. nice to see father and son sharing a great Hobbie

  5. Hey Mike, just checking to see if you're OK; no posts etc since March has me a bit worried about you...