Monday, October 6, 2014

This Why You Should Read the Newspaper

A few weeks ago I was reading the Classifieds when I saw an ad offering the Flames of War rule book and miniatures for $20. I called the number listed and while trying to arrange a meeting learned he worked in the press room of one of the papers to which I am the IT Manager. We arranged to meet at lunch the next day and he mentioned that he had a tin full of larger scale tanks he would sell for $10. I agreed to look at them and this is what I got; the 1/72 scale Forces of Valor Tiger I, Pzkfw IV, Sherman, and two M3 halftracks. There also enough infantry for one US Company and a below strength German infantry bn for Command Decision.
For my $20 I purchased the rules, enough US infantry for one squad, enough German infantry for a platoon, a German halftrack, and three US jeeps.

I had told everyone in my group that I wasn't going to participate in the FOW army building, and yet here I am.

My advice is to buy a newspaper and look for bargains.


  1. Well, that certainly falls under the meaning of Serendipity!
    It's always a good feeling to get a deal that like that now and again.

  2. WOW! What a haul!! Enjoy, Mike.

  3. Extremely good haul sir and some nice paint jobs. Hope to see these in action soon.

    (Must dash, I'm off out to buy a newspaper ;) )

  4. It was a good find. The guy that sold these to me was as happy to take my money as I was to give it to him. He is starting a new hobby.

  5. So you did not try and convert him back then? Post sale of course.

    Good find


  6. Great purchase Mike!
    PS: I read a newspaper every day But I don't find things like this! :-D


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