Monday, August 19, 2013

GenCon Part 2

GenCon was great fun. 40,000 gamers all in one place; every imaginable costume and game all thrown in together. I will be back next year.

I played in a Sail Power game. Three teams, British, Dutch and Pirates. The British and the Dutch were at war and the Pirates were lurking around, looking for easy prey. As one of the Dutch player, I tried to bribe my way into the British port to conduct trade; and barely escaped with my life! A British ship arrived, I made for the open sea. The fort at the port put a fire shot into my ship and set it on fire. Of the twelve players, I finished 11th.
Still a fun game with great terrain and models. The rules handle sailing very well for a land lubber like me.

The Pirate fort

two dutch ships vs one British

The Spanish island with my ship headed to it, away from the British port

A Gypsy musician plays near Event registration

My son, Brady, and I played in a game of Freeblades. It's a fantasy skirmish game. A lot of fun; highly recommend this one.
We were members of the Bandit team, trying to steal loot from the wagon.

This piano sits outside one of the entrances to the Convention Center. On Thursday and Friday I sat here and listened to random people stop and play.

Lunch saturday from from this food truck. Good stuff!

Brady standing by a YuGiOh character
We played a demo game of Leviathons. This is a fun, fast moving system. At $100 for 8 miniatures, the rules, and maps, its a little more than I am willing to pay.

One last shot of one of the Bolt Action tables.

This is the way to play Space Hulk

Doesn't every wargame convention have a Cthulu balloon scupture?

Friday, August 16, 2013

GenCon report

The first day of GenCon is over; a good day. Here's a few pictures. I hope that in addition to the photos of the good looking tables that you can get an idea of the number of people here. Attendance seems up over last year; much busier everywhere. 
 I'll have more detailed posts of the games in which I've played. There is no free wireless at the convention center.

 More to come...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ready for GenCon

Thursday morning we'll be headed for GenCon; 50 miles away! We'll drive back and forth each day. What could be better than the largest Wargame Convention in the world and sleeping in my own bed--I must be an old man.

If the wireless is good at the convention center, I'll do some quick posts from onsite.