Thursday, February 24, 2011

2nd Battle of Polotsk OB

I'm working on some smaller, 4 player or so, games. I'm hoping to play more games this year; each of my games does not have to have 10 players in it. This is designed for Volley and Bayonet.

The first is Second Polotsk, St. Cyr's defense of the French northern wing in Russia.

Nafziger was the main source for this OB. His book, Napoleon's Invasion of Russia, always seems to have what I need. I also found some on-line resources, including several good maps. I hope to soon post the map and scenario notes.

I would appreciate any comments from those in the know.

2nd Battle of Polotsk, October 18, 1812

II Corps St Cyr
Heavy Arty M6 [ ][ ]
Field Arty M6 [ ][ ]

Cuirassier Bde M5 [ ][ ] Heavy, dg

6th Div Legrande Exhaustion 4 OOOO/OOOO

26th Legere/56th Line M5 [ ][ ][s][s] dg

19th and 128th Line M5 [ ][ ][ ][ ] dg

8th Div Maison Exhaustion 4 OOOO/OOOO

11th Legere/2nd Line M5 [ ][ ][s][s] dg

11th and 124th Line M5 [ ][ ][ ][ ] dg

9th Div Merle Exhaustion 6 OOOOOO/OOOOO

Bde Candras M5 [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Bde d'Affry M5 [ ][ ][ ][ ] dg in Polotsk

Bde Castrex M5 [ ] Light, Chasseurs

Bde Corbineau M5 [ ][ ] Light, Chasseurs and Polish lancers

VI Corps Wrede
20th Lt. Cav Bde M5 [ ][ ] Light

Div Deroy Exhaustion 3 OOO/OOOO

Bde von Siebein M5 [ ][ ] dg

Bde von Raglovich M4 [ ][ ][ ] dg

Bde Rechberg M4 [ ][ ]

Div von Wrede Exhaustion 3 OOO/OOOO

Bde Minucci M5 [ ][ ][s] dg

Bde Beckers M4 [ ][ ] dg

Bde Dalwigk M4 [ ][ ]

Russians Wittgenstein

1st Corps Berg

Advance Guard Div Balk Exhaustion 6 OOOOOO/OOOOO

25 & 26 Jagers M5 [ ][ ][s][s]

Combined Grenadiers/Kexholm Depot Rgt M5 [ ][ ]

Ingrie Dragoons and Grodno Hussars M5 [ ][ ] Mxd

Cossacks M4 [ ] SK

Field Arty M6 [ ][ ]

Stolypine's Detachment Stolypine Exhaustion 2 OO/OOO

Reserve Jagers M5 [ ] SK

St Petersburg Opolochenie M4 [ ][ ] Militia

Riga and Iarnburg Dragoons M5 [ ][ ] Med

Main Body Harnen Exhaustion 10 OOOOOOOOOO/OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Perm IR M4 [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Sievesk IR M4 [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Mohilev IR M4 [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Kaluga IR M4 [ ][ ][ ][ ]

1st Div Combined Grenadiers M5 [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Polotsk Depot Regt M5 [ ] SK

Guard Light Cavalry M6 [ ][ ] Light

Riga Dragoons M5 [ ] Med Linear

Field Arty M6 [ ][ ]

Horse Arty M6 [ ][ ]

Reserve Beguiczeff Exhaustion 4 OOOO/OOOO

5th & 14th Div Combined Grenadiers M5 [ ][ ]

Guard Depot Bn M6 Shock [ ][ ]

Conv Cuirassier Regt  M6   [ ] Hvy, Linear

Heavy Arty M6 [ ][ ]

Corps Jachwill Jachwill

Advanced Guard Vlastov Exhaustion 3 OOO/OOOO

23rd and 24th Jagers M5 [ ][ ][s][s]

St Petersburg Opolochenie#4 M4 [ ][ ] Militia

Grodno Hussars M5 [ ] Light, Linear

Main Body Sazonov Exhaustion 7 OOOOOOO/OOOOOOOOOO

Tenguinsk & Toula IR's  M5  [ ][ ][ ]

Navajinsk & Estonia IR's M5 [ ][ ][ ]

St Petersburg Opolochenie#5 M4 [ ][ ][ ][ ] Militia

Voronege Opolochenie M4 [ ][ ] Militia

Conv Dragoons M5 [ ] Med

Heavy Arty M6 [ ][ ]

Field Arty M6 [ ][ ]

Alekseieff's Detachment Alekseieff Exhaustion 4 OOOO/OOOOOOO

1st Marine Rgt M5 [ ][ ]

St Petersburg Opolochenie#6  M4   [ ][ ][ ]

Mittau Dragoons M5 [ ] Med, Linear

Conv Hussars M5 [ ] Light, Linear

1st and 2nd Provisional Rgts M4 PT [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Sunday, February 6, 2011

2nd Battle of San Juan AAR

On Super Bowl Sunday, my friend, Richard, and I played the 2nd Battle of San Juan, using the Perfect Captain's Spanish Fury:Actions rules. We now use these exclusively for our Renaissance gaming. Perhaps when Pistolado 2 is released we will give them a try.

The Boqueron Hill, before the fight.

The Spanish defenders; only two units fit behind the meager entrenchments.

My wily English opponent set up heavy on his right, hoping to flank me.

On the first turn, the English rolled an extra Saker for reinforcements and advanced their line. Long range shooting put a Terror marker on one of my militia units. I began to move units from my right to strengthen my threatened left flank.
On turn 2 the repositioning of troops continues for me. The English sakers put a Terror marker on my Saker. The English Shore Parties on their left move toward my fortifications.

During the third turn, the English kill a stand of militia. Their Shore Parties continue to close the distance.
On the next turn, The English shot trimmed another stand from my already suffering militia unit. Their Shore Parties began climbing the hill, putting themselves into charge range

Both English Shore Parties attempt to charge, but fail their morale roll. My three stand unit of Spanish Pike turn to face the enemy. It has been a while since we've had Spanish Pike in a battle and my over-confident opponent has forgotten how powerful they are. If I can charge his shot units, I should be able to blow a hole in the middle of his line.
I have not made a single successful roll for reinforcements. Richard has picked up two additional Sakers and two Shore Parties, which are hugging the table edge and closing the range on my Saker.
During the next turn, fire from my Shot drove off one of the Shore Parties. My Saker put a Terror on the other. The English Shot killed one of the stands in my Spanish Pike unit; a bitter loss. Then my Pike take another stand loss, and then charge to glory against the Sorsair Shot; and get a locked result. The battle quicly resolves in the next couple of turns. One of my Militia units with an Heroic leader charges the English Shot at the edge of the hill. The Shore Parties overwhelm my right flank. My belated reinforcements of a Militia unit and Militia Horse arrive too late to make a difference.
With the English turning bloth of my flanks, overrunning my Saker, and my attacks stalled, I concede.

Altogether, another fun game of Spanish Fury:Actions. To balance the scenario I think I will double the amount of Spanish entrenchments and limit the reinforcements to one of each type. We are already planning the next game.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2nd Battle of San Juan Scenario

It's a snow day; sent home from work at noon yesterday and local government closed today!

I have been thinking about a scenario for this battle since reading some posts about in on The Miniatures Page. Spanish Fury:Actions seemed like a good choice of rules for an action this size.
I will be playing this game on Sunday afternoon, before the football game.

The Second Battle of San Juan, the Boqueron Hill, June 18, 1598

George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland, left England on March 6, 1598, with a large force; 20 vessels in all. He sailed for the Americas, intent on attacking and capturing San Juan. He would not repeat Sir Francis Drake's mistake of attacking via the seaward approach. Cumberland landed his forces a day's march from San Juan. A four gun battery on a hill at Boqueron blocked his approach. John Berkeley led the English attack. As the land forces moved up the hill, an English ship was grounded on the shoals facing the battery and opened fire.

English Sir John Berkeley

English Veteran Shot 6 stands
English Veteran Shot 6 stands
English Veteran Pike 4 stands
Corsair Shot 5 stands
Corsair Pikemen 5 stands
Shore Party 4 stands
Shore Party 4 stands

1 Saker
2 Saker
3 Shore Party 3 stands
4-6 Nothing

Spanish Antonio de Mosquera

Spanish Musketeers 3 stands
Spanish Pike 3 stands
Colonial Militia 4 stands
Colonial Militia 4 stands
Colonial Militia 4 stands

1 Saker
2 Colonial Light Horse 2 stands
3 Colonial Militia 3 stands
4-6 Nothing

The terrain is quite simple. On a 30” by 40” table, set up an 18” hill in one corner. This hill is the Spanish deployment area. The four gun battery is not deployed on the table. Any two of the Spanish units are placed in entrenchments.
After the Spanish have deployed, the English set up anywhere on the table, but must be at least 12” from the Spanish and must cover a fron of at least 18”.

The English must drive the Spanish from the hill.

At the beginning of each turn, each player rolls on die and consults their reinforcement list. The same reinforcements may be rolled and placed more than once per game. The Spanish place their reinforcements in the corner edge of the table behind their hill. The English place their reinforcements 6” behind their start line.

Design Notes: This scenario is designed for the rules, Spanish Fury: Actions, by the Perfect Captain, I have used troop types from both Spanish Fury:Actions and Spanish Fury:Voyage.

The English outnumber the Spanish by two-to-one. Their quality is also superior to the Spanish. The actual troop types and number of stands are conjecture; your guess is as good as mine. The reinforcements are non-historical; something thrown in for fun.