Monday, September 19, 2011

Defense of the Train Station AAR; RCW

Yesterday I ran a Red Actions game; the Defense of the Train Station. It was a hypothetical scenario set two after Kolchak's lines break in Western Siberia. The Whites set up their defense amid the buildings. The Reds entered at random points on the near table edge. The tanks and armored cars are all inoperative, although the Reds did not know that. I had the Whites roll at the end of each turn to repair the vehicles as a ruse.

Red cavalry moved through the woods, attempting to avoid the White artillery and move to attack the White left flank.

On the Red left, conscript infantry advance. More Red cavalry move behind the infantry towards a woods.

The Whites receive cavalry reinforcements and start riding toward the Red conscripts. Red cavalry intervenes before the Whites can reach their targets and a cavalry fight begins. By games's end, the Reds are slowly pushing the Whites back.

A White armored train rolls on the table. The train station, in the official colors of the Trans Siberian Rail Road, sky blue and white, is only a few moves away.

On the next turn, a Red armored train appears, carrying three companies of Red regulars. It heads for the White lines.

Six companies of Red cavalry are now facing the White center and left and attempt, again and again to close to contact. One company crosses the rail road and forces a retire result. It then receives fire from a fresh White unit and retires. One of the White guns is destroyed by the armored train, but the White lines hold.

Great period, great rules, great players.


  1. Great report, Mike.

    I'm generally busy on Sunday, so likely won't join you guys, but it is good to see the club up and going again.

  2. Very nice report and nice figures!

    Great blog!


  3. Nice looking game, its not a period I know a lot about.

  4. A new game era for me but it looks like a lot of fun...nice one.
    In answer to your question about the case you don´t see my reply on my blog....
    I painted the whole thing..base everything black (acrylics) Then the wood with middle brown with black. Then a not so drybrush with chocolatebrown and a bit of white..then a drybrush with lightbrown, then a very light drybrush with sandbrown and another highlight with sandbrown mixed with white..finally around the gun and a couple of patches a wash with darkbrown...dabbing any excess with toilet paper. Sounds a lot but if you mix it on a palette it goes on very I said it took about 1/2 an hour for everything..
    I don´t use any special GW, vallejo etc..just normal hobby store acrylic paints..marabu or Hobbyline, thin them down with water..they are pretty cheap. That´s why I say Darkbrown etc...and not "deathmudbrown" or whatever fancy names the colour ranges have..I use about 8 colours mainly..and mix to get the different shades

  5. Thanks for the explanation, Paul. I too use brand X paints from the hobby store. I'll have to try the palette method, can't argue with the results.