Saturday, January 18, 2014

Battle of Lake Baikal Scenario Notes

During the Russian Civil War, the shore and water of Lake Baikal was the scene of many skirmishes and battles. The best source that I have found is Jamie Bisher's "White Terror; Cossack Warlords in the Transbaikal." In case you haven't already heard me say it, this is an excellent book and highly recommended.
Our next club game will be an amalgamation of these fights. It will have armored trains, gunboats, Cossacks, and more.

The political/military factions in the game are:
Czech Legion
Siberian Provisional Government

The Czech Legion has two armored trains moving along the shoreline. The Czechs are moving East, eventually headed to Vladavostok. Although on the move, they will not flinch from engaging the Bolsheviks.
The Reds have three gunboats and a transport in the lake, moving to engage the Czechs.
The forces of the Siberian Provisional Government are represented by cavalry and a tchanka. Officially allies of the Czechs, they are reluctant to see them evacuate to the East.

There will also be shore batteries, artillery barges, and miscellaneous other detachments.

I will post an AAR after the game, as well as a full scenario.


  1. Sounds intriguing already. The Russian Civil War is one conflict I know very little about, yet it remains an interesting appendix - so to speak - of WW1.

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