Monday, February 27, 2012

A Generous Gift

I have worked at my current job for 11years; Friday will be my last day here at the County. I have taken another positon with more oportunity, and money. My staff took my wife and I to lunch last Friday and presented me with a gift card to the local gaming store. They only carry Warhammer and WH40K. I haven't played Warhammer since 1991, but I want to buy an army and paint it to remind me of my hard working staff. There is a local group that plays WH, my doctor is a member, so it appears the stars are aligning.


  1. That's nice to hear they did that, happy spending and congrats....

  2. Congrats Mike!
    I recently dug out some 40K figures to paint up and am experimenting with other rules sets to try out with the WH40K genre. Future War Commander's Skirmish variant is a ton of fun and the Free "No Limit" rules set is a good one too. Both give the marines their truly "epic" superhuman feel without being overly powerful on the board.

    1. I hadn't thought of buying the figures and using them with a different set of rules. Good advice.

  3. Congrats Mike! And good luck with the new job!