Thursday, December 22, 2011

Battle of the Bulge Pictures

Like many, I belong to some yahoo groups. I get a lot of email, most of which I delete without reading. Here is a link to some pictures from the Battle of the Bulge that was in an email. The pictures are good. There's one of a PzJgr IV and when I build my next model of one, I'm going to try to copy the original paint job.
67 years since the German attack in the Ardennes. Surely that's reason enough to drag out the tanks and have a wargame.


  1. For me the black and white pictures are better....

  2. The pictures are both impressive and moving, Mike.

    My late father in law was part of the relief force under Patton; he refused to ever talk about it once he returned home, as so many of his friends... did not. My dad, having survived landing at Omaha Beach, was lucky to be stationed in Paris at the time of the Bulge.


  3. That seems to be the way with combat veterans. They will tell funny stories about their service, but rarely did I hear my uncles or father speak of combat. As a matter of fact, the only pictures my Dad has of his 19 months in Korea during the Korean War are of the various beer ration days.