Thursday, December 26, 2013

Secret Santa and Santa Claus Gifts

Well the Santa Claus and Secret Santa gifts were opened; I'm pleased with both. The painted painted figure from the Santa Claus is familiar; it is on a blog I follow. Superbly painted, it is without doubt the best painted miniature in my collection.
I already have plans to include this figure in my ever evolving Pulp scenario.
Thanks, Santa Claus.

My Secret Santa knows my fondness for Napoleonics. I received the rules shown below.
There are actually seven sets of rules in this book; covering all scales from skirmish to army level battles. In addition there is a "Generalship" game as well as rules for kriegspieling with out figures.
I am slowly painting some 25mm French and British from skirmish gaming. I had planned to use Song of Drums and Shako's, but will give these a try first.
There are a lot of good ideas in this book and I have never been one to flinch from adding extras to the rules I'm playing.
Thanks Secret Santa, good choice. And thanks to Ian and Cath for organizing and running this.


  1. You do know that Napoleon had a battalion of Orcs at Waterloo don't you :0)

    1. Of course, it's common knowledge here in the States. I'm very pleased with this miniature, thanks again.

  2. I really like that orc and the book looks good too.


    1. Thanks again for your part in all of this, it was fun.

  3. Nice gifts! I wonder how that orc will fit in a Napoleonic scenario!