Monday, September 23, 2013

Heiderscheid; WW II AAR

We played a Command Decision-Test of Battle game on Sunday. I chose the Battle of Heiderscheid from Bob MacKenzie's excellent site,  link.

I brought out my 20mm plastic figures and vehicles; first time they've been out of their boxes this year. We had a total of seven players; Richard, Jim T, Bob, and Gus played German; Jeff, Big Mike, and I were the American commanders.

The Germans have a regiment of Volksgrenadiers and elements of the Fuhrer Grenadier Brigade are  attacking the towns of Eschdorf and Heiderscheid; the later held by two companies of the US 80th Division. The terrain is very close on this battlefield, the forest is heavy, half move for personnel and vehicles are prohibited from entering. There are multiple crest lines that block LOS as well.

Eschdorf is the closer town, Heiderscheid is further away

Task Force Hamilton is ready to attack toward Eschdorf.

Panzer Company of the FGB stages to attack Heiderscheid

Charge toward Heiderscheid; the M10 will knock out two StuG's

German Recon Company supported by a Panther platoon

Panzer Grenadiers attack the other side of Heiderscheid

Demoralized German tanks. If my infantry can reach them, they will be destroyed. Didn't happen...

Volksgrenadiers attack toward Heiderscheid 

German armor advance to the next crest line

German advance on the other side of town. Arty will knock out the halftrack

Germans prepare to attack Task Force Hamilton

My second insane rush to contact with German armor. This one didn't work either.

It was a fun game; very interesting. I recommend it to any CD-TOB players. This one was a German victory. Our October game will be DBA.


  1. Cool looking table and great AAR Mike!

  2. Lots of toys on the table which is always nice


  3. Excellent shots and table Mike. Looks like another great game. The CD order markers look very good in play too, and not too much out of place on the tabletop. 20mm is God's own scale...those 15mm pretenders need to wake up and smell the coffee LOL

  4. Great battle report and pictures! Thanks for sharing!


  5. great report writing and fab pics too