Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BUGS! A Sci Fi/Horror AAR

We recently playtested one of the games my friend, Jim, ran at Origins. This is a Sci Fi/Horror game involving giant ants and spiders; remember the movie "Them?"

The sleepy town of Tumbleweed Corner has been invaded by giant bugs! The inhabitants have sought refuge on the roofs of the buildings; surely they'll be safe there...

The game began with the National Guard driving onboard. Each player was allowed to choose two vehicles and a squad of 6 soldiers. Their mission was to rescue the civilians. The bugs were trying to drag humans underground to heir lair.

A major traffic jam.

Each turn the bug players could either roll a d6 for the number of giant ants emerging from the earth, or choose a random "Big Bug"

The Giant Scorpion climbs atop a building

Ants chew on a tank

It was great fun. Since it was a playtest, the victory conditions were not set; since I played on the bug team, I think we won!
I haven't heard yet how the Origins game was received, but I'm confident everyone there enjoyed it as well


  1. HA...great to see the A10 flying in to feed the bugs some DU shells. I hate bugs...I HATE 'EM!!!!

    (Great looking game though) ;)

  2. Hi, Mike. Wow...I'd like to play this game! Lots of great scenery to run around and hide in. The giant "Slaying" Mantis almost made me laugh!! Well, it did actually. Thanks for the fine post.

    1. My favorite building is, of course, the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. We placed a bug entry point in it's parking lot.

  3. Thanks for the report Mike. I had a great time as well and agree with your victory assesment :)

  4. I am sure I watched this movie back when I was a kid...

  5. Oh I really like this one - the script could come right out of one of the old movies!

  6. I would love to see the rules for this. Looks like fun to play!