Sunday, March 10, 2013

Command Decision AAR, Meeting Engagement

My friend, Richard, has been assembling 15mm German and US forces for Command Decision. At the last meeting of the IU Conflict Simulations Club we played a meeting engagement game.

Both sides moved on, deploying recon elements. The US plan was to attack on the left with armor and hold the right with an infantry battalion. The Germans moved their armor on and advanced across the table. Both sides settled in at extreme range and started rolling for ones.

By the end of the game the Germans had advanced further across the board so we called it a marginal victory for them.

A good game; most of our group understand the rules and our next game will be CD with the Americans attacking.


  1. Very small minis but a nice game. I'm amazed at how detailed these minis can be painted. Also enjoyed the scenery. Hope you do this more often.

    1. All of my stuff is 20mm. I'll drag it our for an eastern front games later this year.

    2. Ha! So much for my eye and brain coordination!