Monday, June 20, 2011

Mars Attacks Game Report

My friend, Jim, is running four miniatures games at Origins this year. Two of them are games with Martin invaders. We play tested one of the games recently. This scenario has the Martians in a small town, attempting to load the comatose inhabitants of the town into their saucer. The National Guard is racing to their rescue.

The rules are a variant of Dead Walk Again, which are written for Zombie miniatures.
The Martians have Ray Guns and Jet Packs. It was a terrible surprise for the humans when a Martian fired and vaporized a tank. The National Guard advance slowed at that point and they deployed for a slower, more deliberate attack.

The mighty saucer looms over the town.

A squad of National Guard, about to be zapped by a ray gun. I got all but one with one shot.

This tank pulled back, and prepared to fire across the length of the town. I had my final Martian riding on top of the saucer to chase it when he was picked off by a machine gun.

A very enjoyable game; even though the Martians were defeated.
If anyone is at Origns, I recommend this game.

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